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VpAutomated Coupons
Sunday, 19 September 2010 10:34

VpAutomatedCoupons is the Joomla® component automatic system to manage VirtueMart coupons.
VpAutomatedCoupons is the full solution to complete manage VirtueMart coupons.
VpAutomatedCoupons AnyWhere Edition (v 1.20) is the new version of the coupon module allowing you to expand with modules the coupon assignment: you can do almost everything with this new version of VpAutomatedCoupons.

VirtueMart is a powerful tool for e-Commerce in Joomla. You can develop you online shop with some simple click and the Joomla CMS.
VirtueMart allows specific discount vouchers (coupons) to be assigned to users-customers.

vPAutomated Coupons Component

VpAutomatedCoupons extends the VirtueMart coupon management adding the following useful features:

  • AnyWhere edition: coupon assingment with modules (API)
  • coupons creation (value, absolute or proportional (%), day of validity)
  • coupons automated assignment task (publication, task range of validity)
  • coupons user specification (single user, type of joomla user, customer list)
  • user list management
  • customizable and configurable reminders (coupon based, customizable t emplates, multiple reminders, on creation and on expiry reminders)
  • Statistics (coupons assigned, used, expired)
  • automation script launched by m odule or by chrono-job (if provided by server maintainer)

To have coupons assigned and remindered you have to install and have active the included module mod_vpcouponexe (You can disable title view). Please consider the chrono-job script launch is related to the visit to your homepage, unless your provider provides you automatic script launch.



Sender Email Address Email for coupon reminders
Sender Email address name Email name for coupon reminders
BCC reminder Address Additional (bcc) email address to receive coupon reminders
Time for chronojob launch (in hours) If filled coupon script is launched at that specific interval



The main component bar allows you to:
- Create new coupons;
- Manage coupon modules (AnyWhere Edition);
- Assign coupons on event - users;
- Create user lists;
- Create template;
- Create reminders (and email notifications on coupon assignment)
- Have access to statistics.


You can create you coupon (that will be assigned to your users) similar to VirtueMart template form.
You can input value and "proportional or fixed" characteristic.

VpAutomatedCoupon allows you also to define a limit time for coupon validity. The coupon will be deleted (if not utilized before by the user) after this time.

The coupon value can be inserted as-is or (with the new 1.20 version) be assigned by a specific module. In this case the value and the type (fixed or proportional) will be assigned by the specific module (according to the specific algorithm there inserted). The improvement of this approach is the possible extension to every domain and possibilities the specific coupon assignment process (that could be linked also to different external APIs).

From the Module button bar you can access the module list (user_prod is the default module provided as sample that assign coupons to users based on the number of products ordered). Selecting the name of the module you can access the config module page.

With Coupon Events you can assign the created coupon to user and event (and for reminders).

Coupon The created coupon
User One Specific User
User List A previously created list of users (if a specific user is not selected)
User Group Joomla user categories (if none of the previous user options are selected)
Validity Date Start / Validity Date end Option dates to assign coupons. Coupons will be assigned only to users registered after Date Start (if present) and before Date End (if present)

From User Lists you can see the list of users created (for coupon assignment), create or delete them. With Assign Button you can assign (or remove) joomla users to the specific selected list.

Template section allows you to define your templates for your email communications (coupon assignment notifications or reminders). We suggest to utilize absolute urls to include images in your template not to have problems in the final email (you can install the JCE editor that can be configured for absolute image url).

You can include in the template the following variables:

Username Name of the user
Coupon Code The coupon code
Total coupon time The coupon total time validity
Remaining coupon time Time remaining for coupon expiry
Remaining coupon days Time remaining for coupon expiry (remaining days)
Remaining coupon hours Time remaining for coupon expiry (remaining hours)
Coupon expiry date Date when the specific coupon will expiry
Coupon expiry date-time Date and time when the specific coupon will expiry

With Reminders you can assign The "Coupon Event" to a specific Template. You can define days and hours after the coupon assignment the reminder has to be sent (put the same coupon validity day to send an email on coupon assignment).

You can publish and un-publish specific reminders.

Statistics lets you have access to coupon assignment and reminder status. You can see the Coupon-Event, the specific user, the coupon (with the code if still valid or expired or used in case of code not available anymore), coupon value and the status of the remainders.

vPAutomated Coupons Component