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jFancyPlus 2.05p Module
Sunday, 23 May 2010 22:44

jFancyPlus for Joomla®: FancyUpload power gets into your joomla installation.

FancyUpload is a file-input replacement which features an unobtrusive, multiple-file selection menu and queued upload with an animated progress bar. It is easy to setup, is server independent, completely styleable via CSS and XHTML and uses MooTools to work in all modern browsers.

jFancyPlus adds Multiuser upload, image thumbnails, image manipulation, image upload view and more options on your joomla upload experience.

jFancyPlus Module

Please upgrade your module to this latest version (2.05 - October 2014) for security reasons!


Upload Directory Directory to store upload files
Size limit in MB File upload size limit (in MB)
Type of extensions for upload Type of file upload (comma separated)
TextArea style css class rules replacement
Mootools hack Replace mootools 1.1 with required 2.0 version. To disable for future joomla versions with native mootoos 2.0

Bar Color Color of your upload bars (default-green, blue, red, yellow and grey scale)
Flag 'Images Only' This flag can be checked or not (to limit upload to filtered pictures). The option now can be removed from interface.

Subfolders for users If checked upload files are stored in different subfolder; one for each user
Upload user folder name User folder name for the images uploaded. Folders could be differentiated based on the following variables:
- [id]: user id
- [name]: name of the user
- [username]: username of the user

variables are case-sensitive
Guest user folder name Folder name in case of non login user upload (same option as above)

Thumbnail image creation Create thumbnails for image file upload
Graphic engine Available graphic engines are GD (default) and ImageMagick. For the second option ImageMagick package should be installed on the server (and is not available by default with php).
Keep proportion on resize Keep proportion in case of image thumbnails file creation
Always resize Always resize thumbnails, also when dimensions for thumbnails are bigger than orginal file
Keep original file Don't delete original file (useful in case uploaded file to be deleted and replaced by thumbnails as resized upload images)
Rename upload file Option to rename uploaded file
Rename upload file to New file name for the uploaded image to be renamed. Available variables are:
- [date]: current date
- [time]: current time
- [oname]: originale file name
- [oname_noext]: original file name w/o extension
- [ext]: original file name extension (ie gif / png)
- [id]/[username]/[name]: as explained before
- [randn]: a random value n digit longer
Subfolder for users (thumbnails) Create subfolder for users for thumbnails
User folder name (thumbnails) Subfolder name for users for thumbnails (same option as per user subfolder)
Guest user folder name (thumbnails) Subfolder name for non login user upload

The below option can be repeated three times and allows three different level of thumbnails. To enable one thumbnail level you should put a positive value into long side or short side field.
Image thumbnail destination folder Destination folder for thumbnails (level 1/2/3). Same options as the other folder fields
Image thumbnail file name Image thumbnail file (if different than the original file name). The same options described for file names can also be applied
thumbnail long side Define pixel dimension for image long side
thumbnail short side Define pixel dimension for image short side

If "Keep proportion" option is enabled just one of the two option is required (the other one will be calculated based on original image proportions)

Directory name stripchar Remove specific file or directory characters
Directory char to strip List of characters to remove

Show user images Show user uploaded files on a specific frame just below jfancyplus upload box
Alternative gallery source Y/N Change source for gallery file loading. The query should include the following fields
- fimg: file for the image (name)
- thimg: thumbnail file image (name)
- gbimg: if file image is different in database
Image number Number of images per row to display
Delete Link Show a delete link for each file name (thumbnails are deleted with the original file, if the name is possible to detect back)
Opening Link Perform an opening link on each file (if present it can be on the thumbnail file, on the file name or both)
Alternative gallery click link Alternative link for file gallery open link. The following variables can be passed to the link: -[img]: file name (including path)
-[bimg]: file name (excluding path)
-[pg]: gallery page number variable (1 => first page)
-[th1]: thumbnail file name 1 (including path)
-[bth1]: thumbnail file name 1 (excluding path). Same option for thumbnail 2 and 3
-[randn]: the random value generated (if generated in the code)
-[tt]: the time value generated (if generated in the code) -[dd]: the date value generated (if generated in the code) -- added v. 2.03b

ie: index.php?option=com_ph1&task=openf&nf=[img]&pg=[pg]
Alternative gallery delete link Alternative link for file gallery delete link (same options for the other links)
Gallery file name strip chars Space separated regex expression for gallery file name to strip
Alternative file Gallery name Alternative string to replace gallery file name with
Gallery file name char limit If filled with a positive value limits gallery file name length to the specific value

Link to call after download If enabled a link can be executed after each file upload (the link path shall be absolute)
External link after download Link to be called after each upload. The same option for the other links already described can be applied

ie: http://localhost/ph/index.php?option=com_ph1s&task=uploadP&ff=[img]&th1=[bth1]&th2=[bth2]&rr=[rand2]

jFancyPlus Module