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VM - Virtual Delivery


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VpAutomatedCoupons is the joomla® component automatic system to manage VirtueMart coupons. VpAutomated is the full solution to complete manage VirtueMart coupons.

VirtueMart is a powerful tool for e-Commerce in Joomla. You can develop you online shop with some simple click and the Joomla CMS.
VirtueMart allows specific discount vouchers (coupons) to be assigned to users-customers.

VpAutomatedCoupons AnyWhere Edition (v 1.20) is the new version of the coupon module allowing you to expand with ad-hoc modules the coupon assignment process: you can do almost everything with this new version of VpAutomatedCoupons.

VpAutomatedCoupons extends the VirtueMart coupon management adding the following features:

  • automatic coupon assingment (now with module management - AnyWhere edition)
  • automatic coupons creation (value, absolute or proportional (%), day of validity)
  • coupons assignment task management (publication, task range of validity)
  • coupons user specification (single user, type of joomla user, customer list)
  • user list management
  • customizable and configurable reminders (coupon based, customizable tem-plates, multiple reminders, on creation and on expiry reminders)
  • Statistics (coupons assigned, used, expired)
  • automation script launched by module or by chrono-job (if provided by server maintainer)

To have coupons assigned and remaindered you have to install and active also the included module "mod_vpcouponexe" (please remind to disable the title view for the front-end). Please consider that the coupon-management script is related to your front-end site visits (unless your provider includes automatic script launch among its options).

v. 1.20 (20-November-2010) - AnyWhere Edition

  • Module Extension, you can assign coupons with specific rules and options you can program in specific additional classes (modules)
  • User List Assignment Improved with ajax filtering and select
  • Search lists and column ordering options

VpAutomatedCoupons is a joomla 1.5 Component. GPL License. php5 required

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